Human Effect, 2012 - 2016    Site specific, interactive projection installation redeveloped for multiple sites    Project website:     The project employs new technologies to create a responsive projection and animated installation. From global warming, to diminishing resources, the world is enormously affected by the human touch. By using new technologies, this work will act like a ‘simulation’ representing human destruction to the environment.    Animator: Tobias Edwards Software developer: Jayson Haebich
  Cargo, 2008    Two-channel public projection installation and photographic prints,    Melbourne   L’Oréal Fashion Festival Cultural Program.    Cargo 08 seeks to examine the convergence of fashion and art through innovative projection techniques that obscures the viewers’ perception of what’s actual and what’s projected.    Sound design: Teilhard Kearney Photography: Luzena Adams
  Landfill, 2010    Multi-channel rear projection. Public art commission Albury    Landfill investigates the impact of waste and the effect that non-biodegradable materials have on our environment including the adequate levels of recycle waist aggravating the problem. The work has been created to give the illusion the building is filling with discarded materials representing landfill. This work was originally commissioned by Albury City Council and redeveloped for Cube in Frankston.    Animator: Tobias J Edwards.    
  Absent Presence, 2014    Interactive projection, public art commission Townsville    Absent Presence references the traces we may leave as individuals in the world around us. Whether this is the imprint we have on the environment or the history that’s embedded into out lived spaces and architecture.    I am interested in what is absent and what is present with an aim that the viewer considers these ideas. Using interactive technology the work allows the viewer to be part of its creation by projecting their own shadow in realtime and also being surrounded by ‘ghost shadows’ of past people inhabiting the space.     Software developer: Jayson Haebich